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Our Guru Lineage

Yogi Narayanji Maharaj (05/01/1870 – 15/11/1975)

Yogi Narayanji Maharaj was born in a Namboothiri Brahmin family in the South of Kerala. When he was young he left for the Himalayas and travelled widely in India with his spiritual quest and happened to meet his Guru-Yogi Madhavananda of the Himalayas. He spent several years with his Guru, and then went into seclusion for many years. There, he survived only with available fruits, vegetables and water. During the “Second World War” he was in an interior place on the Himalayan caves for 7 years, unreachable to human beings. Later, he noticed some unusual changes in the world and when enquired came to know that the war has ended up.

He had an active role and participation in establishing Kaivalya Dhama Yoga Institute in Lonavala along with Swami Kuvalayanaandaji in early days. He had disciples all over the world including great personalities like Sri Motilal Nehru. “Vasudhaivakudumbakam”…..being a member of the “universal family” he was conversant in 09 languages including Indian and Foreign.

Being free from worldly bondages, dedicated himself to Yoga and spirituality, he fulfilled his life in renunciation.

Brahmasri Cherukalakapurath Krishnan Namboothiri

The erstwhile Brahmasri Cherukalakapurath Krishnan Namboothiri was a man of great wisdom and humility. Being a member of an orthodox Brahmin family in Kerala, he learnt Vedas and Indian Sastras of high order as being traditional custom in those days, in the Gurukula style from “Koodallur Mana”- a family lineage dedicated to teachings over 1000 years. 

Apart from Vedas he got mastery in “Visha Chikitsa” (Toxicology) and was gifted with special powers in healing snake bites. He extols very high position as an Ayurveda scholar and Paediatrician. His scholarly talents were also reflected in Sahitya (literature), Tarka (logic), Meemamsa (ritual science) and Vedanta (philosophy).

Being a highly spiritual person he was elevated to the heights of sublime knowledge revealed in the Vedas and engaged in ritual performances.

He was a saintly person and role model of Hindu Dharma.


Brahmasri Poomulli Neelakantan Namboothiripad (1921- 1997)

Brahmasri Poomulli Neelakantan Namboothiripad was a versatile genius and highly respectful person for his vast knowledge in Indian Sciences and Art forms. Having born in an aristocratic family, rich in every sense; he had the fine opportunity to get into the discipline of Indian tradition and culture from early childhood. After completing his formal school days, he was put into rigorous studies on Vedic sciences over 23 years with his Guru - Brahmasri Cherukalakapurath Krishnan Namboothiri.

He was unparallel in his knowledge of Ayurveda. His selfless and untiring efforts in the treatment and promotion of Ayurveda have been widely acclaimed and later raised him to the position of the Chairman of Keraleeya Ayurveda Samajam - the world's  first Ayurveda  institution  based  in 

Kerala.  He proved himself   to be unmatched in "Visha Chikitsa" (Toxicology), - a dying branch of Ayurveda. He was highly respected for his expertise and uniqueness in “Hasthi Ayurveda” (Elephants treatment). 

As a stalwart, his contributions to Kerala Martial Art –“Kalaripayattu” was quite outstanding, in which the role of his Guru –Sri Appu Nambiar of Thalassery is highly remarkable. He was also dedicated to Indian Classical Music, Dance and such other Art forms.

To top it all, he had obtained sublimity and inner peace with his mastery in Yoga Sastra from his Guru -Yogi Narayanji Maharaj.

As a living legend, his life and mission glorified himself and his family and moreover benefited to genuine seekers of wisdom and knowledge.


Present Masters

Sri. V. Vasudevan

"Our Guru"

The Disciple of Brahmasri Poomulli Neelakantan Namboothiripad and Great Scholar in Indian knowledge systems especially in Ayurveda & Yoga

Dr. P. N Hari

Disciple of Sri V. Vasudevan

An Exponent of Ayurveda & Yoga


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